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Helicopter idolizes the fresh new make to possess their brutal fighting strength that will be awed by Sanji’s consuming rage

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Helicopter idolizes the fresh new make to possess their brutal fighting strength that will be awed by Sanji’s consuming rage


Sanji to start with wanted to plan Chopper (and Luffy who wished to consume your raw) and jokingly wishes him to become listed on because “disaster restaurants also have” regarding Instrument Island Arc however, Sanji and additionally listened which have Nami so you can Chopper’s earlier, learning you to definitely people assaulted him to possess appearing like a monster therefore when Chopper asked Sanji what Luffy “was” Sanji responded having a smile: “He or she is a monster” indicating your physician you to definitely getting different don’t indicate you didn’t end up being acknowledged. On the series, Sanji continues to relate to him once the “this new crisis restaurants supply” to tease him, however, strongly considers Chopper a pal actually owed him getting the fresh youngest, Sanji cares for your most out of all the guys towards marriagemindedpeoplemeet board the latest staff. Helicopter can occasionally mask behind Sanji’s foot when Nami’s aggravated or you will find an adversary close by, ultimately causing Sanji patting Chopper’s head inside relaxing means and you will Helicopter will either go for a ride for the cook’s shoulders. Sanji features educated Chopper many lessons for example whenever Robin is actually leaving the fresh staff Sanji advised your doctor one to a bona-fide kid forgives an excellent female’s lies.

Pursuing the big date disregard, the pair nonetheless get along no matter if Helicopter was among the earliest visitors to realize how lifetime-threatening Sanji’s nosebleeds was, even asking the brand new seafood-boys to have bloodstream contributions. Chopper cried which have glee whenever Sanji stored them off Doflamingo, is actually highly seeking Sanji’s create relationship to Pudding, and you may entirely distri) more Sanji making the new team, also shouting within Zoro if swordsman ridiculed Sanji.

Helicopter are therefore stressed observe Sanji once again the guy mistook Sanji’s destructive aunt Vinsmoke Yonji getting Sanji as he basic saw your. Like the remaining portion of the staff, Helicopter was shocked whenever Sanji refused Pudding.

Nico Robin

The guy offers a taste getting studying that have Robin whom entitled him “Doctor-san” whenever she first suits the crew, hence generated your moving for the contentment. Nonetheless they seem to have a bona-fide sense of respect to have one another, perhaps due to their activities in the studies; ironically, he had been to begin with alternatively threatened of Robin on mastering one she focuses on assassinations, dreading one she’ll one-day assassinate him once his guard might have been disappointed, however, meanwhile, are captivated whenever she first showed this lady Demon Fruits powers so you can host one another him and Luffy, and finally opened so you can their. His fondness on Robin is what compelled Helicopter to make use of his Monster Area Function against Kumadori throughout the their race regarding Judiciary Tower. Inturn, she food Chopper besides the same with respect to intellect as well as having a great motherly character as she got him away of the clutches from Foxy’s right-give lady.


Regardless if the guy hated Franky in the beginning when they theoretically came across in the Enies Reception, blaming your just like the need Usopp remaining the new team and for beating up this new sniper (clueless their new pal Sogeking is actually Usopp) also stealing the appreciate. Whenever Helicopter was assaulting Kumadori he discovered Franky along with attacking CP9 representative Fukurou, brand new Cyborg requested you to Chopper throw him some cola, Helicopter try reluctant to do it however, tossed Franky particular package anyhow. Chopper watched into the amazement because the Cyborg’s hairstyle and you can attitude altered until Franky yelled at him to prevent fooling as much as when he noticed one to Chopper try viewing enjoying him transform with every drink stating, “He or she is this new funniest thing actually ever”. When Helicopter went on good rampage inside the Beast Area, Franky 1st recommended eliminating him however, during the Nami’s strong urging he altered their decision. Franky as an alternative banged Chopper for the water to deactivate their vitality and you can easily dived towards the h2o to keep him before the guy drowned. Adopting the dispute, it looks any ongoing animosity Chopper owned towards Franky is finished when he are alright from inside the permitting him feel a member of this new team.

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